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Callie Hopper is a 23 year old Pop/Americana artist with Nashville roots. Penned as a “Southern Norah Jones,” her voice is soft and haunting with a hint of attitude, while her lyrics risk vulnerability, elegantly diving into deep topics. Callie's energy filled yet intimate live performances pull in her audiences and leave them feeling like her friends.

Growing up in a small town right outside of Music City, the pull to create her own consumed Callie from a young age. She learned the violin at 6 years old, began songwriting and playing guitar in her pre-teen years, and by high school was working as a janitor at a professional recording studio in exchange for recording her very first album. Her persistence, drive, and sheer talent quickly propelled her into the local music scene. Soon she was performing every weekend and by the age of 16 she landed her first show at The Bluebird Cafe. Over the next 5 years, Callie would go on to independently write and release 3 full length, all original records, book and execute her own national tour, and gain a highly devoted fan base in the process.

In 2017, Callie’s father passed away suddenly, shaking the world as she knew it. She took a career hiatus to grieve, heal, and write. Callie’s primary focus in music has always been to help others, whether that is through her vulnerable lyrics reminding other's they are not alone, or through her inspiring and joy inducing performances. After the death of her father, she was only more motivated to press on in that path. Out of that difficult season of life, Callie has written a beautiful new collection of songs, touching on even deeper subject matter; from grief and depression, to navigating complex relationships and discovering what true love is and isn’t.

These songs will be released in Spring/Summer of 2020 and Callie will be touring extensively to spread their powerful message across the nation.

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