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2021 Music Lesson Sign Up & Policies

Please carefully review the policies below then sign at the bottom of the page if you agree.


You will commit to keeping your chosen lesson slot until you have given two weeks notice to cancel your slot. Your lessons for the upcoming month (each week unless I have notified you otherwise) will be paid for in TOTAL by the 1st day of the upcoming month. I will begin sending Venmo & PayPal requests the week prior and they are due by the 1st. **Late fee policy: For each week your payment is late, you will be charged $20.**


If you would like to stop lessons or take a break for a month at any point, I require two weeks notice. (So if you plan to take a break, please let me know two weeks before you intend to stop.) You MUST pay for the following two weeks after notifying me you would like to stop lessons, even if you notify me at the end of the month and even if you do not choose to attend lessons the next two weeks. If you have already paid for the next two weeks upon notification, you will not be refunded for those two weeks even if you do not choose to attend them. *This policy is in place so that I can attempt to fill your lesson slot and financially prepare for the significant decrease in my monthly income if I am unable to fill your slot. Thank you for understanding!

If you know in advance that you will need to miss 1 week in the upcoming month, you may let me know prior to the 1st of the month and prior to paying your tuition for the upcoming month and I can take that lesson out of your tuition for the month (valid for 1 lesson.) Otherwise, there are NO refunds, no credits, and no make-ups if you’re unable to attend your scheduled lesson. If I am unable to attend your scheduled lesson, you will receive a refund, credit, or make-up lesson.

You will commit to helping your child keep up with lesson materials, helping/encouraging

(depending on age) your child to practice 4 days a week, for at least 15 minutes a day, and gaining a basic understanding of what they're learning so you can assist with their practice if needed (I'm happy to go over it with you for this purpose!) Parental involvement and encouragement will benefit your child so much! 

By signing your name below you are agreeing to uphold these policies. Thank you!  

Thanks for submitting!

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